MaxCollect® Client Collections

MaxCollect® is a simple, smart way to effectively recover your Accounts Receivable. You cared for your clients and earned the balances in your accounts receivables. Now it’s time to collect. Your practice cannot afford to lose profits, by not collecting on balances.  And you and your staff cannot afford the time it takes chasing delinquent accounts, when you should be seeing your clients.

Many practices are seeing a decrease in clients and an increase in delinquent Accounts Receivable. Delinquent Accounts Receivable decreases the cash flow of the practice, negatively affecting the practice’s fiscal health.

Practices can benefit from new, creative and superior ways to improve their collection process. Lack of training, time constraints, turnover and inconsistent follow-up are big reasons why practices fail to collect their delinquent accounts. The longer bills go unpaid, the less chance you have of recovering your money.

MaxCollect is a systematic process that effectively recovers your delinquent Account Receivables. It is a complete process that incorporates legal and professional means to collect your money so that you can focus on running your practice and building relationships with your clients.

MaxCollect is a better alternative to in-house collections because…

  • MaxCollect recovery fees are lower than collection agencies. This allows you to work the delinquent account earlier when it is most recoverable.
  • MaxCollect has a multi-phase approach which you control.
  • MaxCollect educates clients about the impact of negative credit
  • MaxCollect collects all balance, regardless of size

And all payments are made directly to the practice. The practice will be the first to know the account is paid.

You owe it to yourself and your practice to increase your profits. A fifteen minute review of MaxCollect will save you time and money.

MaxCollect® Client Collections Client Collections

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